Take the Passages Beverlywood Tour

We are eager to show you our newest facilities at Passages Beverlywood, an outpatient rehabilitation center that you’ll quickly find is different from any other in existence. This interactive tour showcases the rich architecture, luxurious amenities and relaxing scenery that you can expect to enjoy as you conquer your addiction and adjust into a person who is comfortable, satisfied and in full control.

Welcome to Passages Beverlywood, our Outpatient Rehab located in Beverlywood, California. We are in the Westside neighborhood of Los Angeles, close to the Art District, fabulous shopping centers, and delicious dining options for you to come to and enjoy.
When you walk into Passages Beverlywood, you will be greeted by our friendly and professional staff that will help guide you into your one-on-one therapy session. We want you to feel welcome here at Passages and know that you are in the hands of people who care about your wellbeing. Safety and comfort is our primary concern.
Inside one of our many therapy rooms which you will sit down with a professionally trained therapist to help you discover and heal the underlying conditions causing you to use and abuse drugs and alcohol. This is where the magic happens. This is where you will begin a life free from addiction and dependency related issues.
Dine with us in style and comfort. We will provide you with snacks and refreshments during your time with us. If you would like to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverage items with you to eat between sessions, you are welcome to do that.
At Passages we hope to make your wait comfortable and enjoyable. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to speak to our front desk associate to help you out. We are happy to have you here.
If you or a loved one is seeking help in overcoming a turbulent battle with addiction, we advise you to call us immediately. We are here to help. Our admissions staff is available 24/7. Insurance is accepted. Call today for information.
Welcome to our group room, where we hold various therapy sessions to help you feel at home. This is where we come together and lift one up to focus on the healing process of each individual’s needs.
Relax in our open multipurpose room. This is where you may meet with your therapist, hang out with other clients, or simply sit to enjoy a book or warm cup or tea. We made this room to help you feel invited and inspired at Passages Beverlywood.
Peace is only a session away. Soon you will uncover, discover, and heal everything you’ve been burying through the use of drugs and alcohol. Our outpatient services make it easy for you to come and go without participating in inpatient rehab. You are free to schedule sessions that are accommodating to your schedule so you don’t need to feel as though you’re putting your life on hold to get the treatment you desperately need.
Just when you think you’re ready to throw your hands in the air and give in to the temptation of giving up, this is a sign to remind you… You’re almost there. Don’t give up!

Take a Virtual Tour of Passages Beverlywood

As you take a glimpse from room to room, imagine yourself within its clean contours receiving the treatment you need to improve and thrive, then call us when you’re ready to make it happen. Our admissions department is waiting to hear from you today.