Addiction is Not a Disease at Passages Beverlywood

Our dedicated staff at Passages Beverlywood understands that addiction and disease are two entirely different issues that must be treated separately. Unlike diseases, addiction forms as the result of 4 underlying causes (each with their own treatment options):

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The Four Causes of Addiction

Here are the four underlying conditions that create and maintain addiction. If you’re addicted, one or more of these underlying conditions are present.

Chemical Imbalance
Unresolved events from the past
Inability to cope with current conditions
Beliefs you hold which are not true

Passages Beverlywood
Passages Beverlywood

No Negative Labeling

As you can see, addiction is so much more than merely the result of a repetitive behavior – and you are so much more than your addiction. That’s why we will never refer to you as an “addict” or an “alcoholic” as we get to the bottom of your underlying causes and work them out. At Passages Beverlywood, we believe that these negative labels actually prolong the condition by making it seem permanent and unchangeable. As you will come to find, however, your addiction is quite temporary.

Meet Chris and Pax Prentiss

For over 15 years, Passages has been using the same holistic treatments that allowed co-founder Pax Prentiss to get to the root of his addiction and overcome 10 years of substance abuse. 12-Step programs, group sessions and emergency room visits were doing little to solve Pax’s many addictions. Only under the loving tutelage of his father, Chris Prentiss, were the two able to find closure through alternative healing means.

The end result is Passages, a one-on-one treatment program that worked for Pax, and can work for you. The effectiveness of Passages comes from addressing the underlying causations that are driving the addiction itself. Only once these circumstances are resolved can permanent healing truly begin. At Passages, healing is a family tradition that we want to spread to yours.

One Phone Call to Regain Your Health

While other programs do not address the underlying causes of your addiction, Passages Beverlywood knows how to tackle the reasons behind your addiction in a way that most health professionals simply have not been trained to do. Call Passages Beverlywood at 888-972-7959 to find treatment options that other outpatient rehabilitation centers cannot give.

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